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When building a house, you might employ one company or many companies. It really depends on how many services are provided and how well they treat their customers. Preferably, it is best to work with a few competent and trustworthy companies as possible.

This is also true when building a marketing strategy. When it comes to Online Marketing Adx.Media has the services and experience to help you find your next customers, and help your customers find you.

We provide:
  • Google Ads Management: Bringing our knowledge and experience to bear so you do not waste time or money as people find your business in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and across the Web. 
  • Affiliate Vendor Management: Acting as an agency of record for your performance marketing, taking the heavy load of continual monitoring and optimization of your back with our extensive affiliate experience.
  • Digital Advertising: Providing all the placement needed for your customers to find you across the web through SEM and SEO (search engine marketing and optimization), banner ads, video ads, and social media.
  • Performance Based Advertising: Allowing you to only pay for the KPIs and conversion goals that matter to you.
  • Web Development: Coding both your front end and back end needs in which ever popular language matters to you including HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, .Net and more.
  • Graphic Design: Communicating visually for you in whichever medium is needed for you next project, with a specialization in web-based marketing including banner ads, logos, web design, and social media strategy.
  • Content Writing: Forming not only words and paragraphs, but compelling ideas so that users will want to engage with your site and business.
  • Data Management Platform: Utilizing our own proprietary software for performance marketing, we provide this software-as-a-service, so you can manage your lead generation data properly.

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