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What is one of the key elements needed to inspire website visitors to buy, to call, or to visit?

  • A flashy site with a lot of JavaScript interactivity?
  • A strong SEM (search-engine-marketing) campaign strategy?
  • Amazing graphics that are between 30-50 kilobytes, so they load faster?
  • How about words?
  • Words?
  • Yes, a lot of words.

Besides brief descriptions of your business, your services, or you, it helps to have a lot of written content on your site in terms of blogs, articles, and how-to-features. Here are some reasons why –

People Want It

People primarily come online for information. They want to learn something, buy something, or accomplish something. While business people focus on the transactional element, your website can help draw visitors who might be higher up in the sales funnel.

Maybe they are researching your industry, and your site provides them relevant information which leaves a positive impression in their mind. Maybe your how-to articles show ways to use your product or make the most of the services you offer.

Even if a visitor only reads part of the content on your site, they will often return if they know more is available.

Search Engines Love It

Sites that tend to have more relevant content, tend to have visitors stay longer on the site. Search engines notice this and rank sites higher in SERP (search engine results page) which means you will be seen more.

Another key factor is having a variety of content about your industry or field. The more questions that search engines see that you can answer for visitors, the more visitors they will try and send your way.

You Know It

You know that being seen as an expert attracts people to you. By having relevant written content on your site, visitors begin to think of your business as a thought leader in your field, or at the very least competent in what you do.

So how do you get this type of content on your site?

Well, you could write it all yourself, but do you really have the time? And do you consider writing one of your strong points, especially since this is going to be one of the keys ways people will judge your business?

Why not look to a writing team who has experience sounding professional? As time is money, your investment will be more than worth it.

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